Mirielle Tyrell


Mirielle was just a fairly normal girl. She was born and raised in the city. Her parents taught her kindness, respect and well, common sense. The lass had her own little obsessions and interests, and friends to share those pastime with.

The group of friends she mingles with compose of individuals who have a great knack of justice. Sometimes, she thinks it is ridiculous of how they talk about plans on helping people for the greater good, but she knows that it is already part of her life that she secretly values.

One of the people in her group was her very spunky best friend, Xavier. They have been friends for a few years; The two teenagers did not even know when they started being friends, all they remembered was that they had immediately clicked, as if they have been best friends in their previous lives. Everything between them seemed natural from the start. No one can seem to replace the other when they are not together.

Other girls, who were obviously infatuated with her best friend (and their glares towards her), mistake their closeness for an actual love relationship between them. All that Mirielle could do is laugh, because they don’t know jack about Xavier. Her best friend was as asexual as he gets. So no matter how hard they may look to try and be sexually desirable for him, he won’t ever budge because Xavier will not find any sexual attraction towards them. It will be very possible for him to have a romantic attraction towards them but the boy has made it very clear that their attitude prevents him from doing so.

Mirielle’s parents were just like any other good parents. She loves them both and hates to admit that she may be more closer with her mother due to her father flying for both national and international work, causing for her to not have much bonding time with him, but in the end he still finds time to make up for all those absences. Mirielle believes that both her parents should be equally loved and doesn’t like the question “Who is your favorite parent?” because both of her mother and father had worked hard for her upbringing.

In terms of personality, Mirielle is very temperate and knows when it is time to stop, although one flaw of hers that she cannot seem to tame is her pride. In times her pride can often drive off some people and become turned off of the idea of becoming friends with her. Xavier would nudge his knee on her thigh when he starts sensing her pride coming out of her mouth. Which she was thankful for. She doesn’t want to drive more people away from her.

In academics, Mirielle excelled, having a set mind of having the best grades she can possibly have for he parents, and for her self. One subject that she loves is Art. She excelled in drawing different kinds of art styles, her favorite were different stylized version of the human anatomy. She didn’t love art because she was good at it or it was fun, rather, it was a talent of hers that she does to relax and escape the outside world for a small moment.

This life is everything she could ask for. And she hopes it will stay like this for years to come……

Mirielle Tyrell

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