Changeling: The Lost Campaign

Chapter 2

Mirielle wakes up in the her locked up room 3 years after the incident in the dance of the camp. She sees the painting of her best friend Xavier that she had made. She remembers that she is trapped in her own room for her owner only has the doorknob on the outside. She finds a way to escape her room by drawing her own doorknob and promptly escapes and takes the painting of Xavier with her. One of the servants confronted her and asked of who is the next “victim” to which to convinces him that there was no one next but that the door was just open on its own. She continues on to the “gallery” where her paintings were hanged. Paintings of her owner’s dead deformed bodies of her lovers. Mirielle is then confronted by one of her owner’s lovers, Dante, who easily finds out that she was trying to find a way out and wants in on her quest. Soon, Dante leads her to the owner’s closet that turned out to be a secret tunnel out of the place. A huge gate stands in their way in Mirielle manages to crumble the barricade in pieces. The two guards confront them with hostility and telling them that the owner had told them specifically not to let anyone out. Dante promptly scares them off with a bluff, and they scurried inside the castle(?). Dante and Mirielle find themselves on a dock where instead of water it was just never ending whiteness. Dante confidently jumps off, as his resolve was strong, while Mirielle had only fallen off out of concern and fear. As Mirielle falls, Dante has tried his best to catch her but she ended up plastering herself on the floor and loosing some of her health.

Chapter 1

The last summer of Mirielle and Xavier as high school students will end soon. Usually the two would go to the camp and spend the rest of the summer relaxing and at the same time gearing up for the new school year. Xavier had, unfortunately, expressed disinterest in going to the camp this year, but Mirielle had convinced him other wise that the summer after this, there was a great chance of them not being able to spend time together anymore. Xavier, who as usual had a week side for his best friend, agreed begrudgingly and letting her know that he will go to the camp for her and nobody else.

As the cabin of the camp comes to surface, Mirielle and Xavier depart inside with expectancy of a fresh new camp experience while their parents bid them farewell.

The camp had been as usual as ever, familiar faces from school had showed up, and most of the people who did not go to the same high as they did still remained true to attending.

One of the “special” things about the camp was that the night before they leave, the camp holds a dance. This was the time where girls pestered Xavier to be his date to the dance. Even when taking dates to the event was against camp rules, girls who were infatuated to Xavier still chased him for an answer to the question, to the point of where they harassed him to make him finally accept. No matter how many times the poor boy had ratted them out to their camp instructors, the girls never learn their lessons and become even more forceful and beast like.

It was the day before the dance, and the pair is resting in one of the meadows when Xavier had brought up a solution for his problem.

“Please, Mirielle! It’s out last year and those girls will never see you again after this stupid dance!” Xavier moaned in exasperation.

“Alright, Xavier, I know how you feel, but a mundane fangirl is not something you ever try to cross.” she replied as she calmly continued to sketch characters requested by one of her other friends.

“I would never let anyone hurt you, you know that!” Xavier begged. “Please?”

Mirielle sighed, they can never really say no to each other. And besides the reactions are worth the risk…

Moments later the dinner assembly of the camp commences, it was their last normal dinner together until the dance the next day.

As Xavier enters the room, the “fans” have flung their heads towards the direction of the table he headed to. The usual residence of the table great him, one of them his best friend already prepared for what was bound to happen. He continued to stand by the cafeteria table and the occupants gave him curious stares for his immobility. The maple haired teenager gave a deep breathe and mustered up the courage to shout.

“Mirielle.” The cafeteria went silent. Slowly, they gave him their undivided attention.

“Be my date.”

Silence. Horrified expression emerged from most of the females in the room.


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